Medieval Warfare Magazine Volume VI Issue 1

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Medieval Warfare Magazine Volume VI Issue 1

From ‘deeds done beyond the sea’ to how leprosy left its mark on a king and on the Crusader states, this issue explores the events of the second half of the the twelfth-century in the Holy Land. Read about the rise of Saladin and the Battle of of Montgisard in 1177.

Theme: Reign of the Leper King - The Kingdom of Jerusalem

Max Cronkite, 'Historical introduction - Amalric's legacy'.
Murray Dahm, 'Deeds done beyond the sea - The Historia of William of Tyre'.
Robert Holmes, 'The most cautious men in the world - The Latin field army, ca. 1099-1187'.
Clive Kelly, 'The reenactor - Portraying a Crusader knight'.
Gregory J. Liebau, 'Hostility in the Holy Land - The Kingdom of Jerusalem and its neighbors'.
William E. Welsh, 'Terrible slaughter - The Battle of Montgisard, 1177'.
Kim Stubbs, 'Baldwin IV - The life of the Leper King'.

Brian Burfield, 'Odin, warrior god - The influence of the Viking god of warfare'.
Sidney E. Dean, 'Ziska's Wagenburg - Mobile fortress of the Hussite Wars'.
Frank Jastrzembski, 'Soldier before Saint? - The military career of St. Francis of Assisi'.
Sean McGlynn, 'The Black Prince unleashed - The Grand Chévauchée, 1355'.

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