Medieval Warfare Magazine Volume V Issue 6

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Medieval Warfare Magazine Volume V Issue 6

When the Mongols first appeared in Eastern Europe during the 13th century, nobody was prepared for their fast and merciless style of warfare.

Theme: The Mongol invasion of Europe

Paul Sjöberg, 'Historical introduction - The Scourge of God'.
Filippo Donvito, 'The travels of Giovanni da Pian del Carpine - Mission to the Great Khan'.
Kurt Hamilton, 'Genghis Khan and his sons - All in the family'.
Borja Pelegro, 'Weapons & armour of the Mongol warrior - Storm from the steppes'.
William E. Welsh, 'The Mongol devastation of Poland - The Battle of Legnica'.
Konstantin Nossov, 'The Mongols' western campaign - The ravage of Rus''.

Jukka Salonen, 'Reputation in medieval Scandinavia - Law and honour'.
Peter van Dop, 'Frankish armies in the sixth century - The King's tool'.
Murray Dahm, 'The use of Vegetius in the Middle Ages - Learning from the Romans'.

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