Medieval Warfare Magazine Volume II Issue 6

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Medieval Warfare Magazine Volume VII Issue 6 features:

As Byzantine Emperor, Basil II “the Bulgar-Slayer” gained a reputation as a fierce general. Before his infamous conquest of Bulgaria, he clashed with the Fatimid Caliphate on several occasions, marching through Syria with a formidable army at his command and frustrating the Fatimids.

Theme: Frustrating the Fatimids: Basil ll and the conquest of Syria

  • Historical introduction – Andrei Pogacias, 'The rule of Basil II'.
  • Jacopo Franceschini, 'The Fatimids at war'.
  • The Source – Murray Dahm, 'Basil II and the De Re Militari'.
  • Sidney Dean, 'The Varangian Guard vs the Mamluks'.
  • Raffaele d'Amato, 'The armour and equipment of 11th century Cataphracts'.
  • Vassilis Pergalias, 'Force marching through Anatolia: the relief of Aleppo'.


  • Special – Brian Burfield, 'A medieval christmas tale from the siege of Rouen'.
  • The Castle – Gareth Williams, 'The longest siege in British history: the Siege of Harlech Castle'.
  • The Battle – Sander Govaerts, 'Medieval handguns and their use in a rural revolt: The Companions of the Green Tente.'
  • The Warrior – Sean McGlynn, 'Eustace the Monk: a medieval pirate'.

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