Magic Item Compendium - Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition - d20

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The Magic Item Compendium contains over a thousand magic items used in Dungeons & Dragons. The book contains new items as well as items previously appearing in 3rd edition books, including the Arms and Equipment Guide, Magic of Faerûn, and Complete Divine, updated as necessary for version 3.5.

The book classifies the items according to four broad categories: Armor, Weapons, Clothing, and Tools. Clothing refers to any non-armor item that occupies an equipment slot, including magical rings. Tools, including potions, scrolls, staves, and wands, are magical items that do not take up an equipment slot.

Chapter five details item sets, which are collections of items of the four major types that individually have magical powers but will exhibit stronger effects as more items in the set are collected by a player character.

Chapter six covers the use of magic items as well as their placement and creation. This chapter sets out specific rules on the use and creation of all magical items. Two appendices are included: one is a list of all the items in the Compendium and the Dungeon Masters Guide by price, and the other is a set of new randomized treasure tables.

Each individual item description details the item's price and item level, the equipment slot the item occupies, the caster level required to craft the item, the school of magic the item's effect falls under, the actual effect of the item, the type of player action used to activate the item, the item's weight, and any prerequisites and costs associated with the item's creation or use. A physical description of each item is also included.

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