M4A1 Sherman Platoon - 5 tanks - Flames of War FOW - UBX02

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The industrial might of US industry produced nearly 50,000 M4 tanks during the war, more than Germany’s total tank production. The Sherman tank saw action across all theatres and contributed greatly to final victory.

The cast-hull M4A1 version was the first into battle. It proved to be tough and hard-hitting and its mobility gave the US Army a decisive advantage over German Panzers in freewheeling battles.
Included inside are:

• 5x Individually sculpted M4A1 Sherman tanks
• 5x Tank commanders
• 4x Cullens hedgerow cutters
• 5x Applique Armour sprues
• Tank Stowage
• US Armour decals sheet

Also includes options for five narrow mantlet versions.

Excellent, still sealed in the original shrinkwrap.