Lutzen and Bautzen: Napoleon's Spring Campaign of 1813 - George Nafziger - Softcover

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One army lost in the Russian winter, Napoleon raised another to keep his grip on Europe. A tired Russian Army and a raw Prussian force marched to meet him.

Lutzen and Bautzen is a detailed and masterful study of a misunderstood and little covered campaign. Yet it was a war between titans as Napoleon led his conscripts to crush a foe worthy to face him. From the great battles of Lutzen and Bautzen to the skirmishes with marauding Cossacks, George Nafziger follows the complete campaign in Germany from top to bottom, with a wealth of detail.

A great researcher, George Nafziger uncovers the secrets of one of the greatest of Napoleonic campaigns. This new edition incorporates a new set of images, and newly commissioned maps.

This book is in Excellent condition. There is some very minor shelf wear, with some minor marks on the bottom page edges. As always, photos are of the item that you will receive.