Lasalle - Napoleonic Rules - 1st edition - Sam Mustafa hardback

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"Lasalle" is a miniatures wargame for two or more players, and is the first wargame in the HONOUR series. Players take the role of a brigade or division commander in the Napoleonic Wars.

The game is small-scale and tactical in nature, focusing on the movement of individual battalions and regiments of cavalry. The player will manage a small force of roughly a dozen units as he tries to complete some specific mission assigned to him, such as “Hold the village and our bridgehead at all costs!” or: “Drive the French from Plancenoit!”

Lasalle is ideal for a small gaming table, and it plays in real-time with most battles lasting 2-3 hours. It is perfect for pick-up games or tournament play. It therefore includes sample army lists enabling players to collect and paint typical small forces from a large number of possible nationalities.

If you have a club, or a larger collection and gaming area, Lasalle can also be used to simulate historical battles of the Napoleonic Wars, such as Quatre Bras, Albuera, Saalfeld, or Eggmühl. In these cases, multiple players with multiple forces and a larger table will allow your group to simulate the excitement of a significant battle.

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