Kings of Rome - Acies Edizioni - In Shrinkwrap

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A game that recreates the first period of the roman epoch.
The players can control the political and military life of the newborn city, struggling to achieve supremacy over the other players and to survive to the multiple threats posed by hostiles neighbors, like Samnites, Etruscans and so on.
The game comes with separate rules for solitaire and multiplayer play.
During a turn of the solo play the player maneuvers the armies of Rome and may fight battles, lay sieges and intimidate and/or blackmail AI opponents. (No bot provided).

In the multiplayer game, the player that controls the King of Rome can choose the same actions of the solo game. At the same time, the players that control the other patrician families in Rome struggle to avoid an early victory of the King maneuvering the enemy peoples, the Senate and the Pontifex maximus to contrast the King's plans.

The game ends at the 24th turn, but sudden victories (and defeats) are possible, if certain conditions happens. IP points are the dial that indicates the victory of a player. They are accumulated (and lost) turn by turn in many ways.

This copy is In Shrinkwrap, New condition.  As always, the photos are of the game you will receive.