Inferno #15 - Warhammer 40K/Fantasy Magazine Black Library

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Inferno magazine was produced by Games Workshop/Black Library for fiction relating to their universes. Issue Fifteen features short stories and comics from the worlds of Warhammer 40,000 & Warhammer Fantasy.
Containing for Warhammer 40K
Short stories:
The Iron Snakes & Dark Tusks story, Black Gold
The Commorragh story, Hellbreak
And comic:
Part XV of the Blood Angels comic, Obvious Tactics

For Warhammer Fantasy
The short story:
The Brettonian story, A Gentleman's War
The Reikguard story, The Judas Goat
Also included
A series of different architectural proposals for renovative works to Kristheim Keep.

This copy is in Fair to Good condition with quite a lot of scuffing on the cover but internally it is very good. As always, our photos show the actual book you will receive.