Immortal Fire - Field of Glory Greek, Persian and Macedonian Army Lists

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The third army list supplement for the Field of Glory miniatures wargame. This supplement covers the armies of ancient Greece and the Hellenistic world, along with their allies and enemies. There are eighteen separate lists, each with a sample starter army and point cost chart for making your own force.

The book itself is 80 pages printed in full color with photos of miniatures and paintings from various other Osprey books used throughout.

Armies included:
- Classical Greek
- Early Achaemenid Persian
- Thracian
- Lydian
- Late Dynastic Egyptian
- Kyrenean Greek
- Early Carthaginian
- Skythian or Saka
- Classical Indian
- Late Achaemenid Persian
- Syracusan
- Alexandrian Macedonian
- Early Successor
- Early Sarmatian
- Galatian
- Hellenistic Greek
- Graeco-Bactrian
- Indo-Greek

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