Hannibal's March - Sir Gavin de Beer - paperback

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A 2,000-Year Old Problem: Where Did Hannibal's Elephants Cross the Alps? One of the mysteries surrounding Hannibal's famous march on Rome during the Second Punic War is the actual route his Carthaginian army took from Spain across the Alps and onto the plains of Italy. Even during Julius Caesar's time it was the subject of much speculation. The march is popularly known for both the elephants that accompanied the expedition and the use of heat and vinegar to break boulders that blocked their way, but it was not until 1955 that Gavin R. De Beer, Director of the British Museum, established what is considered to be the most probable route Hannibal's army took. The author not only scoured ancient accounts, he consulted astronomers, geologists, climatologists, and philologists, and retraced the route himself using classical sources and the information supplied by experts as his guide. 

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