Firestorm Armada Terran Alliance Missionary Class Mk II Frigates - sealed - 4 ships

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Firestorm: Armada is a science fiction space battle wargame produced by Spartan Games and now Warcradle Studios. Played as a tabletop wargame where two or more players use a variety of ships to attempt to destroy the enemy fleet, capture enemy ships, or achieve certain objectives.

Whilst the Pilgrim has provided sterling service to the Terran Armadas for many years, a new Frigate is about to enter the fray. Intended as a supplement rather than a replacement the Missionary Class Mk II Frigate loses much of the long range damage potential that the Pilgrim was famed for. Instead, the Frigate mounts powerful mid-range weaponry in multiple firing arcs, with flexible turrets that can boost the fire output in any direction up to truly lethal levels. Tough and dangerous from every angle, once in amongst the enemy the Missionary will quickly prove its worth. Four Missionary Class Mk II frigates, plus flight stands.

This set is in Excellent condition, still sealed.