Early Imperial Roman Cavalry pack - 16 figures - Victrix

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16 highly detailed 28mm miniatures. The Early Imperial Roman Cavalry set includes figures armed with Gladius, javelins and spears. The set also includes figures in chainmail and scale armour plus multiple head and arm options. Javelin cases, water bottles and bedrolls feature and these will help give the figures a realistic "campaign" look.
16 x Figures
4 x Horse options
4 x Body options
12 x Head options
28 x Javelins and Spears
32 x Shields (2 x options)
8 x Banners
16 x Unsheathed Swords
4 x Trumpets

 In 28mm scale, they are an ideal way to start a Saga force or bulk out a Roman army for WAB or Hail Caesar, Infamy, Infamy or Clash of Spears.