Drive on Stalingrad - Road to Ruin: The German 1942 Summer Offensive - SPI - Fair

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Drive on Stalingrad: Road to Ruin: The German 1942 Summer Offensive, is a divisional level simulation of the German drive across the Don River towards Stalingrad and the Caucasus in the summer and fall of 1942.

In the summer of '42, the wide-open steppeland was ripe for the blitzkrieg tactics of the German High Command. And with its vast Caspian oil reserves, the South of Russia was an irresistible target for the Wehrmacht's next offensive. At least for Hitler it was.

In this operational level game, players maneuver colorful cardboard playing pieces on two beautifully illustrated four-color maps of Southern Russia. These playing pieces, representing panzer regiments, tank corps, and infantry divisions, are based upon the actual military units involved.
Additional counters represent headquarter and cavalry units, supply transports, air support, and the historical commanders of the armies. A hexagonal grid superimposed upon the map regulates deployment, movement, and battle engagement of the playing pieces. The roll of a die on simple probability charts determines each combat's outcome. In DRIVE ON STALINGRAD, players recreate Hitler's gamble in the summer of '42.

Game Inventory:
Two 22 x 34" maps
Two dual-side printed countersheets (600 1/2" counters)
One 16 page rules booklet
Two player aid Charts & Tables
One Game-Turn Record & Reinforcement Track
One 6-sided die

Complexity Level: Medium
Playing Time: 3 - 7 hours

This game is in Fair condition. It is punched, with shelf wear and coloring. As always, the photos are of the game you will receive.