D Minus 1 - FW202 - 2nd edition sourcebook - Flames of War - softcover

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5 June 1944, D-1, 2300 hours:
At airfields all across Southern England plane engines roar to life. The first, heavily laden aircraft lumber down the runway and into the air. On board are the brave young men of three airborne divisions, one British and two American. These highly skilled soldiers are trained to drop by parachute and glider deep behind enemy lines. On this night they will spearhead Operation Neptune, the amphibious and airborne invasion of German-occupied France.

As the commander of an airborne company you have been specially selected because of your leadership ability and initiative. You’ll be leading your men into a battle where you know you’ll be isolated, surrounded and fighting a larger, more heavily equipped and well supported enemy force.

This is a sourcebook for Flames of War Second edition, not the current 4th. It is still very useful as a general resource and painting guide or to fill your collection.

This copy is in Excellent condition. Of course, the book pictured is the one you will receive.