Sherman Ic Firefly kit- Dragon Models 7322 - 1/72

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The Sherman tank saw widespread Allied use in WWII, but its original 75mm gun was inadequate for taking on heavily armored German tanks like the Panther and Tiger. With remarkable foresight the British decided to fit a 17pdr antitank gun, able to penetrate a Tiger I’s frontal armor at 1000m, to the Sherman. Thus the Firefly was born, with approximately 2200 eventually produced. Most Fireflies were adapted from the M4A4 and were known as the Firefly Vc (“c” denoting the 17pdr gun), while a smaller number were converted from the older M4 and were called Firefly Ic.
- New turret produced with fine detail
- Turret has add-on armor
- Slide-molded one-piece 17 pdr gun barrel with hollow muzzle brake
- Commander's hatch with periscope
- New rear stowage box
- Upper hull is new tooling with sharp detail
- Newly tooled hull rear plate is crisply detailed
- One-piece T54E-1 VVSS tracks in DS
- Finely rendered horn & headlight guards
- OVM tools recreated in intricate detail
- Photo-etched parts included
- Cartograf decal

This kit is in Very Good condition. The box is tape on it but parts are still sealed in their original bags.