Codex Tau Empire - Warhammer 40K 4th (and 5th) edition - softcover

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Codex: Tau Empire is for 4th Edition Warhammer 40,000, published in 2006 It was also used for 5th edition.

It contains a complete army list for using a Tau army. Further special rules, characters, equipment as well as hobby and collecting guides are included.

Information pertaining to the Discovery and Evoloution of the Tau, The time of the Mont'au, The Expansion of the Tau Empire and space travel, Imperial Contact Tau Warfare and Culture, Language and Society.  It also contains short histories of several major wars and information on Aliens intergrated into the empire.

Special characters
Commander Farsight-O'Shovah
Commander Shadowsun-O'Shaserra

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