Cobra the Normandy Breakout - FW206 - Flames of War 2nd edition

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Inside you will find:
• History of Operation Cobra, the US breakout from Normandy.
• History and complete organization of the German 12. 'Hitlerjugend' SS-Panzerdivision, one of the most well equipped and combat ready divisions in Normandy, and 2. 'Das Reich' SS-Panzerdivision, full of tough Eastern Front veterans.
• Options to field Panzer, Panzergrenadier, Panzerpionier, and Panzerspah companies.
• History and complete organization of the US 2nd 'Hell on Wheels' Armored Division and 3rd 'Spearhead' Armored Division.
• Options to field Tank, Armored Rifle, and Armored Recon companies.
• Exploits of Oberscharfuhrer Ernst Barkmann, one of the greatest tank aces in history, and Staff Sergeant Lafayette Pool, America's top tank ace.
• Three new scenarios to be played separately or as part of a campaign: Barkmann's Corner, String of Pearls, and Roncey Pocket.
• Extensive uniform painting guides; and inspirational color photos.

This is a sourcebook for Flames of War Second edition, not the current 4th. It is still very useful as a general resource and painting guide or to fill your collection.

This copy is in Excellent condition with only minor shelfwear. The book shown is the one you will receive.