Churchill Mk IV kit- Dragon Models 7424 - 1/72

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The Churchill A22 was a British heavy infantry tank of the Second World War. The first prototypes were built in 1940, and serial production was carried out in the period 1941-1945. In total, about 7,400 copies of this tank of all versions were produced, which makes it one of the most produced British tanks during the Second World War. Churchill it was powered by an engine Bedford 350 hp. The armament of the vehicle is - depending on the version - a single 40mm, 57mm or 75mm cannon or a 95mm howitzer and two 7.92mm Besa machine guns.
Dragon’s model portrays a Churchill Mk IV tank, a variant that featured a cast turret instead of the all-welded turret found on the visually similar Mk III. Its main armament was a QF 6 pounder gun. Weighing in at approximately 40 tonnes, the Churchill had a particularly slow top speed. The Mk IV was the most numerically common model of the Churchill, with 1,622 tanks produced.

This kit is in Very Good condition although the box is a bit crushed and has tape on it. Parts are all still sealed in the original shrinkwrap.