Campaign of Nations - Leipzig 1813 - Hollandspiele - In Shrinkwrap

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More Aggressive Attitudes is an operational-level game for two players exploring the 1862 Virginia Campaign. Each hex represents a span of five miles, and each turn is a day. The counter density is low - just a handful of units per side - and the rules are simple, but nuanced. The focus is squarely on the operational level, and the ability of your subordinates to carry out your orders - to march a given distance in a day, to avoid battle, or to coordinate their attacks - is not entirely within your control. This uncertainty is simulated by a series of die rolls. (Don't worry about "wristage"; in practice, it's only a few rolls per turn.)

A number of chromey bits effortlessly recreate the particulars of this campaign without ever getting in the way of your decision-making and agency. The result is a compelling operational sandbox for gamers both old and new.

(1) 11" x 17" map
(88) 5/8" counters
(2) Player Display Sheets
(1) VP Tracking Sheet
(1) six-sided dice
8-page rulebook

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