British 25pdr & Morris Quad Tractor - 1/100 - hard plastic - The Plastic Soldier Company

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Build up your British force's artillery options with this pack from The Plastic Soldier Company. In hard plastic you can build; 4 x 25 pdr artillery guns, 4 x limbers and 4 x Morris Quad tractors. Plus you get 4 x Desert crews plus 4 x North West Europe crews. Each gun sprue gives options to build gun with or without a muzzle break, an 18/25 pdr or a 17/25 pdr “Pheasant” plus a choice of 2 gunshields and 2 carriages

    In 15mm scale they are suitable for Flames of War or any other game played in 15mm.

    This is in Excellent condition although the box is slightly out of shape from storage. You will need a plastic cement to assemble them.