Bloody Picnic -Wargaming The End of Empires 1904-1924 - Dillon Browne

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Published by Partizan Press their website says of the rules "The original intention of these rules was to be able to recreate the battles of the Great War. However, after just a small amount of research it soon became apparent that they would actually be suitable for most of the wars from the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05 through to the Polish-Soviet War of 1920-21. Should players feel that they would like to stretch the envelope they might well find other wars, even imaginary ones, outside the original design of the rules. This was a period of global warfare and using these rules the players will find they have a framework upon which they will be able to reproduce battles in any part of the world, from Africa to Siberia, Mesopotamia to the Somme."

Influenced by General de Brigade tey can be played at Brigade and Division levels.

This copy is Excellent condition with only a couple of edge bangs, probably sustained in its travel out from the UK.