Blood Angels Codex Sanguinary Guard Limited Edition- Warhammer 40K 7th edition

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Limited to 1500 individually numbered copies (this is copy 1481), this beautifully designed edition is a must-have for any collector. Contained within a slipcase are Codex: Blood Angels, Sons of Sanguinius: Blood Angels Painting Guide, and a wallet containing 7 art prints of Blood Angels with quotes from the Book of Aphael. Both hardcover books feature unique covers exclusive to this edition. Codex: Blood Angels features gold foil edges on the pages, whilst the Sons of Sanguinius features black foil page edges. The reverse of the slipcase also displays the original Legion number of the Blood Angels.

The 112-page, full colour hardback codex contains:
- Background of the origin of the Blood Angels, their Chapter organisation, successor Chapters, colour schemes and heraldry
- Details of a brand new Blood Angels successor Chapter, the Carmine Blades
- An explanation of the most famous events and battles from the Chapter’s history
- Descriptions of all of the units and characters available to the Blood Angels.
- A showcase of beautifully Blood Angels miniatures
- Rules for fielding your collection of Blood Angels in games of Warhammer 40,000 including army special rules, warlord traits, and a formation for a Battle Company
- Wargear includes weapons only available to the Blood Angels, special issue wargear and the Relics of Baal
- The Sanguinary Discipline - a psychic power only available to the Blood Angels
- Baal Strike Force - a unique Detachment force organisation chart
- 6 Tactical Objectives exclusive to the Blood Angels

Sons of Sanguinius: Blood Angels Painting Guide is a 176 page paperback painting guide for the Blood Angels. Inside you will find four fantastic miniatures collections - The Archangels, The Blooded, The Lost Brethren, and Strike Force Razorwind of the Flesh Tearers Chapter. Each collection is presented with a detailed background and history. It presents clear, detailed stage-by-stage photography that provides all the information you need to recreate the painting techniques, colour schemes and markings on your own miniatures.

This copy is in Excellent condition. As always, our photos show the actual book you will receive.