Blitzkrieg Stalled - The Battle of Arras: May 21-22, 1940 - High Flying Dice Games - Excellent

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Blitzkrieg Stalled: The Battle for Arras: May 21-22, 1940, is an introductory level game of the battle between the Allied Armed forces and Germany's Wehrmacht on May 21st and 22nd, 1940. The Germans launched Operation Yellow, the invasion of France and the Low Countries, on May 10, 1940. The main German offensive, dubbed the Sichelschnitt (razor cut), struck through the lightly defended Ardennes Forest. The Germans quickly broke through the Allied main line of defense along the Meuse River at Sedan and Dinant.
German Tank and mechanized forces, led by General Erwin Rommel's 7th Panzer Division, were boldly sent racing towards the English Channel to cut the Allied forces in half. The Allies launched a desperate counter-attack against the now strung-out and vulnerable German spearhead near the town of Arras. The fate of the Western forces hung in the balance.
This is the fourth game in the Blitzkrieg in the West Series from High Flying Dice Games

Game Turn: 1.5 hours
Hex: 1 miles / 1.61 kilometer
Units: Battalion to Regiments (British heavy tank units are company size)

Solitaire Playability: Medium
Complexity Level: Low
Players: 2 or more
Playing Time: 1.5 to 2 hours

This copy is in Excellent condition. It is unpunched, with some very minor shelf wear. As always, the photos are of the game you will receive.