Battlefront WWII Rulebook - From creators of Fire & Fury - Rulebook only

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Battlefront:WWII is a tactical level miniatures game of World War II ground combat.

World War Two was the company commander's war, the front-line infantry or rifle company being the basic unit of tactical maneuver. Battlefront:WWII is designed to model this tactical level of combat. The basic organization used is the "maneuver element", usually a company sized formation of units fighting as a group. In Battlefront:WWII each player takes command of one or more maneuver elements. A game involving several players recreates tactical actions between opposing battalion or regimental sized forces and can be finished in a single evening.

* Each miniature or stand represents a squad of men, specialized team, or 2-3 vehicles or guns.
* Each game turn represents approximately 10 minutes of real time.
* The rules are designed so that each player can handle one or two maneuver elements (a maneuver element is roughly a company).
* Units of up to battalion size can be handled comfortably by experienced players.
* Although designed for 15mm miniatures, play aids and rules allow miniatures from 5mm (1/285) to 20mm to be used comfortably.

Battlefront: WWII began life as a training aid for the Army in the 1980's. The rules are not only easy to play and fun, but also historically accurate. Poor tactics or 'gamey' gambits will quickly fail. Players who learn how to combine the strengths and capabilities of their units will be effective on the battlefield.

This copy is in Fair condition and does NOT include any vehicle cards. Of course, the book pictured is the one you will receive.