Armies of The Dark Ages - WRG - 2nd edition - Ian Heath

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An absolute classic reference book, we have read through and referred to our copies dozens of times. We were very surprised to come across this copy in pristine condition.

Armies of the Dark Ages spans the period from 600 AD to 1066 and describes Byzantine, Sub-Roman, Pictish, Irish, Visigothic, Lombard, Merovingian, Carolingian, Ottonian, Viking, Russian, Slav, Avar, Khazar, Magyar, Bulgar, Pecheneg, Ghuzz, Alan, Armenian, Sassanid, Arab, Andalusian, Near Eastern, Saxon, Norman, Italian and Spanish armies.

It examines tactics and strategy, organisation and formations as well as providing a detailed guide to the dress and equipment of the armies of the period. Comprehensive illustrations complement the text and the result is a wealth of information for anyone interested in the warfare of the time. 

Excellent Condition - Doesn't look like it has been read, no spine creases. As with all our books, the photograph is of the actual copy you will receive.