57th Panzer Korps - Russia, December '42 - Chris Harding Simulations - Excellent

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57th Panzer Korps is a company/battalion/regimental level simulation of the battles southwest of Stalingrad as part of Operation Winter Storm, particularly the attempt by 4th Panzer Army to relieve the trapped 6th Army. The players control the 57th Panzer Korps and elements of the Soviet’s 51st and 2nd Guards Armies and supporting troops. The game uses the 48th Panzer Korps system, which emphasizes the special abilities of the various arms, armor, infantry and artillery. Players will also need one six sided die to play the game.

One Cover Sheet
One Rule Book
One Map (four parts)
Two Counter Sheets
One Play Aid Card
Three zip lock counter bags

This folio game is in Excellent condition. It is unpunched, with some very minor shelf wear. As always, the photos are of the game you will receive.